Our History

Navas Labs was founded in 2015 by a team of experienced IT professionals who wanted a modern, innovative way to manage their properties.

Our Vision

Navas Labs aspires to be the #1 mobile real estate management technology solution provider.

Our Founders



Sandeep, CEO and Co-founder

Sandeep has been involved in real estate industry as investor, manager and owner. His expertise includes real estate, secure software solutions, mobile solutions, and business strategy. He is passionate about applying his 25+ years of technology experience to real estate industry.

Ishank, Co-founder, Chief Strategist & Marketer

Ishank Jain

Ishank, Co-founder, Chief Strategist & Marketer

A born problem solver, Ishank earned the Sherlock Holmes Award for solving really tough problems during his software engineering days. He holds a double Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Minnesota, and in General Management from the Darden School of Business. Today he loves to solve business problems and bring products to market. As a Navas Labs co-founding Jedi, he is responsible for strategy and marketing, and is passionate about bringing high-tech mobile options to the real-estate industry. In his free time, which is tough to find, he loves to read and fight, i.e. practice kung-fu.

Amar Dani, Quality and Training

Amar Dani

Amar Dani, Quality and Training

Youngest member of the team but never short of enthusiasm and energy to assist everyone around him. He has been involved with his dad (Sandeep) in real estate since he was a 2 years. Loves to test and break the software. He responsible for improving the software and documention information for users.

Advisory Board

We are supported by a team of industry experts and successful entrepreneurs including: